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Qigu today

Qigu Technology is a leader in the production and sale of burners for commercial and industrial equipment in China. Keigu also focuses on customized burner systems and application technologies. With its excellent technical innovation ability and the experience accumulated over the years, coupled with the hard work of the team composed of technicians, professionals and company employees, to bring technical guidance and creative spirit to the company, Qigu Technology continues to grow and grow.

The following company characteristics enhance Keigu's leadership:
- Reliable network system for extensive contact with sales and service departments;
- A product system aimed at customer needs and energy efficient solutions;
- It has a unique service system in training and consulting, which shows the successful model of Keigu for more than 20 years.


For more than 20 years, it has been acting as the general agent of Riello in East China

Qigu Technology has been a Riello agent for more than 20 years. Over the years, the company has continuously innovated, accumulated rich experience and achieved fruitful results, using multiple projects and solutions to effectively develop all types of energy sources. The company is "forward-looking", constantly setting goals and creating milestones in the company's history.

Among the many Riyadh agents in the world, Qigu is one of the most outstanding. He has made a profound and outstanding contribution to the opening of the domestic market for the Riyadh brand.

Qigu Technology is currently the largest agent of Riello burner brand in China, and currently owns a large number of secondary dealers. Development has been more than 20 years, until today, the company has been writing a new chapter.

International manufacturing system

 Qigu Technology focuses on industrial process and product quality, self-management, effective business strategy and service efficiency. Qigu Technology has been focusing on the production of burners supporting, is currently the largest domestic agent of Riyalu brand. In addition, the company has a modern and efficient organizational structure that combines a high level of technical, industrial and commercial capabilities.

  Qigu Technology was founded in Shanghai and currently sells burners all over the world. The key to the success of the company is to provide services for every user, and if necessary, "tailor-made" products for customers.




As an "environmental expert", Keigu Technology finds solutions for a wide range of professional, commercial and industrial equipment. Since the first burner was sold in 1998, Qigu Technology has maintained a leading position in the industry.

The company continues to invest, improve supporting technology, provide a variety of products to meet the needs of users. The company is determined to provide every user with high quality burner products.

Qigu Technology -- national partner

Qigu Technology implements various flexibility strategies, constantly opens up domestic and foreign markets, and becomes the benchmark enterprise in the domestic burner industry.

Today, Qigu Technology has become the largest domestic agent of Riello burner brand. With the passage of time, the company's concept of domestic layout continues to deepen and strengthen, and is further expanding the domestic market. After entering the East and South China markets, Keigu is also working hard to develop other markets.

Access to the local market through branches and offices is particularly strategic in terms of volume, product features, market positioning and economic conditions. At present, Qigu Technology has set up branches and offices in Shanghai, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Fujian and other places.

In addition, Qigu Technology has also opened the overseas sales market, and has sold burners in more than 30 overseas countries such as Guinea, Pakistan and Bangladesh.