Riello Burner Product R&D Center

Traditional boilers, condensing hot water boiler plants with large and small capacity

Leniago (Italy)

Headquarters Legnago - Product Development Center


The total area:3000 m3
Training Centre:700 m3
San Pietro di Legnago - production site:22000 m3
Anjali - Combustion Research Center:4000 m3

  The new site of Riello Legnago (Italy) covers a total area of ​​60,000 square meters, of which the product development and burner production center covers an area of ​​22,000 square meters. The center was designed with particular consideration for the working environment of the factory, creating a good working environment for workers consistent with the high-quality products they produce.
  The new site has 12 household burner production lines, which have extremely high production flexibility and can meet the needs of customers for different models in the shortest time: 100% of the oil burners in Riello household products have passed the ignition test. The new site also has 3 commercial burner production lines and several industrial burner assembly platforms. The former produces commercial boilers with an output of up to 2MW, and the latter is used to produce burners with an output of 2 - 32 MW and is 100% simulated.
  The assembly lines and commercial burner production areas are staffed with highly qualified personnel to ensure the highest quality standards as products and markets continue to improve and product designs are constantly updated.
  The oil pump production area is the most advanced part of the entire production area, starting from the fully automatic cast iron module processing and ending with the semi-automatic assembly line, which ensures the flexibility, high quality (100% of the products pass the final test) and the realization of high production capacity of the oil pump production.
  The automatic inspection of the various stages of operation and assembly and the flexible computerized logistics of the finished product allow tighter control over the supply process, helping to control the start and end of the production process for burners and their components.

Volpago — Italy

Walpago—Product R&D Center

Volpago (TV) - Italy

Production Site:17000 m3
R&D Center:600 m3

Having produced boilers for 25 years, Walpago reintroduces an already established technological process with the goal of
  • Range boiler 7200 / 2 Plus, 200-1000(ready for production)
  • 7200 Range boiler Plus 200-1000
  • Natural circulation boiler series 150-300

Morbegno—Product R&D Center

Morbegno (LC) - Italy

Production Site:13000 m3
Product Testing Center:500 m3

  Morbegno has advanced production technology processes and production methods, and is the world's leading gas boiler production place.
  The factory is equipped with strategic technical production processes, including the production of heat exchangers. The wall-hung boiler heat exchanger is designed and developed by the Group's R&D center and produced and tested by the factory.
  The production center is equipped with modern equipment for the production of environmentally friendly coatings, silicone resins, heat exchangers, epoxy powder coating parts.
  The factory continuously invests in advanced technology and automation, has great flexibility, can meet market demand in terms of product diversification and implementation time, and guarantees product reliability.
  Strict quality control is the basis of the production system:
  - All components are extensively tested before going to the assembly stage;
  - All boilers are checked one by one by computer test bench before packing.
  Morbegno, where the factory is located, is a small town located in the Valtellina lowlands between the Rischen Alps and Orobi, 100 kilometers away from Milan, surrounded by beautiful natural environment.
Morbegno — Italy

Mississauga - Canada

Mississauga—Product R&D Center

Mississauga - Canada

Production Site:5000 m3

 Riello's North American production base is located in Mississauga, Toronto, Canada, established in 1980. The group is equipped with engineering assembly, testing and warehousing facilities in Toronto, Canada and Boston, Massachusetts, and has established a complete distribution, distribution and product support network in North America - Riello has made a firm commitment to the North American market to meet customer needs.
  We are willing to accept the challenge. Riello Burner Company's innovative application solutions are second to none in the burner industry, and our spirit of realizing value for customers is also unparalleled.

Shanghai—Product R&D Center

Shanghai - China

Production Site:14880 m3

On November 10, 2009, Riello Thermal Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Jinshan, Shanghai. The area where the new Riello site is located has a total area of ​​22,000 square meters, of which the Riello Group occupies an area of ​​15,000 square meters and employs 200 local employees.
The new address has three meanings:
- Production of burners and strategic components for the Chinese market;
-Train the sales team in the in-house training center which can test burner equipment up to 6 t/h.
-As a quality control and logistics hub to verify all Riello Group's purchases in China.
This is an important organization established to support the Riello Group's market activities in China.

Torun (Poland)

Torun—Product R&D Center

Torun - Poland

Production Site:16000 m3

In 2001, Riello established a factory in Torun to produce wall-hung boilers and water heaters for the Polish, European and world markets.
  Currently, Riyadh Urzadzenia Grzewcze has 5 operating production lines with a daily output of 2,000 units. Ruger conducts more than 1,000 business and training activities every year by utilizing a comprehensive training system, professional laboratories and experienced staff.